Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekend and poor.

So poor. OMyGoodness! Poor! Ugh. And the car won't start. But back to the weekend. M's birthday was this past weekend. So I ran around like a crazy person trying to fit everything in. Dumb! Wasn't really a crazy person, just did what normal people do - have a life. It was good that I didn't spend the entire weekend in bed, but I really spent too much moola. That's how bad it is- I'm out of money now and spending moola. V funny. But not.
Mc let me borrow his car so and he's gonna drop off my car so that I can get it looked out. The stress of everything is really getting to me. Everything is stressful. Everything. Work. Weight. Car. Money. House. Holidays. Feel like I'm gonna just. . . Well, I don't know, exactly. Maybe this is the stuff of life. I'm not sure.
Wish me luck.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What I did today

So. I changed the sheets on my bed. I washed a window. I vacuumed at my bedroom floor. I washed some linens. I let the roomba go in the ne'er lived-in family room. I bought new shoes that were too expensive, that will hopefully help my feet. I ran into an old friend that I haven't even thought about since probably eighth grade. Ooh. I walked the dogs. I went to the doctor. I ate too much. I watched some tv. I took out more trash. I emptied the central vac and washed its filter.

Glorious Weekend

It was great. B came up and we did kitchen duties and cleaned and cleaned. And I did a little pilates and came home to a new pantry! Whew. Hard work for her.
It was nice to not feel bad for the entire weekend. And I have a day off today, so I'm gonna try to do some good works today, too.
I'll let you know how that goes...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I voted

Did you? Will you care? I bet you will. I was really worried about voting because 2 days (Sunday) before the election, Mc was all I found this website and it tells you everything about where to vote. So we went there and mine was all - too bad for you! V upsetting. At my old address it said it matched, but the address was no longer good.. and it would take 3 days to get into the system. Ugh! So I almost didn't go. But I did. (I didn't want to feel bad about it for the next 4 years - even though I didn't think my vote would count.) Anyhoo.. voted provisionally. I guess it doesn't really matter if they threw my vote away.. (which I hope didn't happen) but what does matter is that I participated and did my part.
I dun't understand why my voter registration changy thingy didn't go through. I changed it at school with those kids. At least once.. but I thought I did it more than once.
Ugh! I've been so tired lately. I hope everything will be ok.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Monday, November 03, 2008


Why, oh why, do we have to spend our days doing something we don't like just to survive and pay bills? I feel like a man in the '50's. Or a woman at any point in history.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

State Fair

So. I actually went with M. It was ok. Cost $12 to park. To park. Just to PARK. Hmmm. That's pricey, in my opinion. Every year I get cheaper and cheaper and whine and complain more and more. Note to self: work on that. Yeah, right. Put it on my list with the gazillion other things I need to work on to make myself a more whole, complete, balanced and better human being.
K. Here's something that bothers me (speaking of whining): M bought a BO political bumper sticker. Bought. As in paid for. He spent how many dollars? hundreds of thousands to buy that infomercial on EVERY channel and can't give away some measly bumper stickers????!!??!!?!?!?
Pooh! I say, Pooh!
M got her Indian fry bread - or is it Native American fry bread? or why isn't it just fried goo dough turning into almost a edible mess? with beans and cheese. Cost her something like $7.50. or was that $750? hehehe She also got a medium drink for $3.50. That didn't seem too bad, to me. I had an ice cream bar. Like I needed that.
I started to get upset because I couldn't find the cheesy commercialized stuff.. but they switched what was under the coliseum with another building and we found it. Kind of a let down, but not too much.
She's supposed to be coming over so that we can go to the LP Art Fair. I hope it all works out. I'd like nothing better than to just take a nap. Probably shouldn't, tho'.
B is coming in town next week just to help me clean up. Should probably clean a little so that we don't have such a mountain to tackle next weekend.
Sounds like M might be here.. will write more later.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Whoever created 'em: Love to Hate them. They are sooo good. And I can't say no to the little tab of compressed sugar and flavoring. And I can't say no. I think in my case they should be called "Dummies."
hmmm. ponder.

Home on a Saturday Night.

Not really a good thing. BUT - A is coming over and we're supposed to go to G's to watch Journey to the center of the earth on the big screen. So.. not a bad thing. I hope it'll be fun. OOH! Just remembered (again) must take allergy tabs so won't be completely sick from kitty.
Good. Done.
I don't hold out much hope for the fun bit. Guess it's my mood. Tomorrow we're supposed to go to the fair. It's the last day and I hope we'll get in and just walk around for free. I just checked my finances and have to say: they aren't the best. AND m's birthday is here. Fuck! Just have to say. Seriously.
PLUS I'm all hyped up on sugar. When it's gone.. I wonder what I'm gonna do. Oh, well.
AND - here it is the crux: So I was told on Wednesday that Friday (just passed) was my last day of training. Oh, well. I'm fucked. Just have to run up and down the stairs every five or so minutes to ask what the hell to do next. EEEK! Don't wanna think about that now.
Anyone else completely tired of the election BS? I'm very worried, and I don't think that knowing who will win (I believe) is making me any less worried about this country. We are f'ed up, people! It's true.
Things will work out, right?
And they say: "May you live in interesting times." Well.. good, we are.