Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ok. I'm up.

So, Smokey kept scratching at the door this morning. Lovely. Need not to reward him when I don't like his behavior. So I laid in bed. That made B & B anxious. They wanted out. and out. and to see if I was breathing. So finally, I dragged my sorry butt outta bed. And now what? Let's see if I can go work out, shall we?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Do you think it's wrong that I can't remember my cousin's last name? I mean really. I've been sitting here trying to think of his last name.. and his mother's and/or father's. Because really, they're all the same name. And I can't. What's wrong with me? Seriously?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Again? Enough, already!

It's true. Here I am again. It's like some surreal thing. Me typing. Me ignoring and hiding. Me attempting to lose weight/exercise. Me ignoring and hiding. Whoops! That's the same thing.

So, I know the secrets, don't I? Don't I? Watch what I eat and exercise. Really get a sweat going. Make sure to drink enough water. If I can manage take my vitamins, especially B Complex. Do I do those things? Nope. Not even a little. Well, a little - - - or a lot - - - for a few days or few weeks, until . . . what, exactly?
Until I don't, I guess.
So let's make this little plan. I will follow my schedule and write in this blog at least a little something, every day. As soon as I get back from San Diego. Right. Right. Sure. I can do it.
Let's see what'll happen, shall we?

Monday, July 03, 2006

Ok. You've caught me.

I was just spending time doing my favorite thing. Looking at the best web site ever! It is all about boys and the lovely web hostess has added a site for lovely ladies too. The web mistress has banded together all sorts of lovely, wonderful, fan-fucking-tastic pics of men - barefoot, wet, wearing glasses - you call your favorite fetish. But it is more than than. Because these pictures are just lovely - like digital works of art. They are pictures that she likes. I don't necessarily think it gets her off - and it doesn't necessarily get me off - or get me doing things in front of my computer one-handed, for that matter. But I sure do get a lovely tingle from looking at them.
People can be so pretty. On the outside. Just lovely, lovely to the eyes. Why is that?
I remember when I saw Mister and Missus Smith. The story was fine - action, romance, comedy, whatever. But what struck me was that I had just spent two hours staring at possibly the most beautiful people in the world. My eyes - well, not exactly hurt - but were . . . overwhelmed. I couldn't process it all. Please understand what I'm saying here. I've never been one of those jolie fans. I always thought she was fairly.. ungainly - ugly even. Her separate pieces just didn't seem to gel. Well, she has grown into her looks. And how. My goodness.
And Pitt. pshaw. Cannot ever tell me he isn't yummy. (Sidebar: I never got it that he dyed his hair to match his partner. Completely dumb.. and I like him best with the really blonde hair of Gweneth, but think Jennifer's is a great look for him too.) I don't like his dark hair now.. but ka-ching, he can always show me the money. (BUT - again sidebar: awful the way he treated or didn't treat or how it worked out with his wife. NOT A FAN OF THE CHEATERS!) Seeing them together.. well, it's like looking staight at the sun. So fantastically beautiful and yet, painful too. And, well, exhausting. Don't we all pale by comparison? I have never seen a picture of the spawn they produced - wait I just looked her up. She looks like a baby. But wait until she grows up! I bet she's going to rock! I guess they are going to produce a super breed of humans that is soooo pretty the rest of us will just not be able to keep up. My guess is that the new race will all look like barbie. The doll. Remember that she was a fashion model, after all.

So. I've started

this great transformation.
And today I started my period. Well, good. Period.
And I have cramps and I need to go work out, which I will do, but for now, I'm just moving extremely slowly.
And I'm happy or sad or just plain emotional, but I took a pamprin and hopefully, it'll do it's job as I need to do mine.
This transformation (that for right now I'm feeling really positive about and soon I'll have to return to these blog postings to give me courage because it won't always be positive or easy or whatever magic it is now) is going well and not necessarily energizing me, but energizing my soul. "Energizing my soul" ?? what?? No. NO. That seems completely wrong and not just in the "I have an aromatherapy candle for just this circumstance" way. What I'm trying to say, I suppose, is that I feel happy or proud or renewed that I have begun again. And although I sit in pain and have been exhausted - I've apparently been suffering from PMS - I should be feeling better in just a bit. And while currently I sit here with cramps, they aren't going to stop me from going to work out and pushing myself there, either. I'm proud of myself for continuing to try. There that's it. I stalled, just like a car, and I wouldn't start. But sometimes you give the battery just enough time and it will kinda recharge itself, just enough to slowly turn over and turn over again and just a little faster and your car has started. That's me right now. I charged my own battery, just a little, just enough to start and I'll keep running for as long as I can.
I had a dream last night (I've been dreaming quite a lot lately.) And who should grace my lovely dream but lovely, cutie-pie - getting better as he gets older RR. I'll just call him Ryan. Because he is lovely and it was MY dream. Also there was my ex-stalker, T. Odd, because I knew Ryan and he knew me and we were beginning to be friends. and T showed up. Boo! And I knew that Ryan couldn't possible like me but T was there making waves. And then they both were nice and attentive. Of course, you can't trust T and I was trying to get rid of him - without really angering him but just, ya know, GET OUT! And then it seemed that Ryan might really like me. And I woke up thinking that I have this baggage. And I'll have to bring T with me where ever I go. (metaphorically- if there is a gawd) Just bring him into the light. Because he's a part of me and the sooner I introduce all of my hangups and quirks and baggage, the sooner I deal with them then the sooner someone really special, like Ryan might actually like me.
Was a nice feeling. That I could be liked.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Wow! I'm repetitive

Just perusing my old posts and how many times have I said the same thing over and over. How many times in life have I done the same thing?
Isn't that the definition of crazy: repeating the same action over and over again and expecting different results?
I do it in life. Over and over again. I'm going to .
I'm going to work out. I'm going clean my closet, my room, my car. I'm going to keep my room clean, the kitchen clean, the living room tidy, my mind tidy. And on and on.
Most people probably do this. Difference is they aren't idle repititions for me. I truly mean them. Again and again. And the shame and guilt - Whoa! Nelly! I should be Jewish or Catholic or whichever group rends their clothing and cuts their hair and beats themselves with ouchy whip-things.
I have been to the gym starting on Tuesday and every day following.
I haven't cleaned my room. I haven't even vacuumed the living room. But perhaps we can only do one thing at a time until it sticks - and then we can start on the next new project.
And no fair saying that as a whole, I'm a project. It's true, just no fair saying.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Shame and atonement

Things that I wish I could take back or do over. True regrets. These things, for me, are generally not those things I didn't do or mistakes I made in my life. They are the impact I have on others' lives. That is: It is my behavior that generally brings true shame - but behavior that effects someone else's life. A harsh word, a negative jibe that has hurt someone else, effected their behavior or self esteem. I continue to live my life fine but those others are left to live with the ruins and live in the ashes.
Don't get me wrong - I don't think that I have that much power. And any one can take a criticism or a slam and just ignore it (given enough talent, willpower or bad hearing). What's the saying? No one can make you feel bad about yourself.. you do that on your own. ?
What I'm writing about here is my truly awful behavior. Apparently, just last weekend I told my rm, "You're so stupid!" or something of the kind. I didn't even know I said it. I don't remember saying it. But it sounds very much like me. Horrible. Just terrible. I am ashamed.

My bff had a boyfriend who was nothing but kind and sweet to me. And for awhile, I attempted to be friends with him. But my jealousy and my childishness won over. And I was abominable to him. Dictionary.com shows the meaning to be: Unequivocally detestable; loathsome. That was me. I don't even remember exactly the things I did to him. What I do remember is what bff told me I did/said to him. It made me cry.

How does one go about changing what one doesn't even know one does? It's like it is unconscious. I must try to be more conscious. I must think before I speak. Right. Well, I will certainly try. I don't wanna be cruel. And I don't want to be ashamed of myself.
We shouldn't have to live with regrets. We should live with robustness and with appetite. We should be grateful and happy. And treat everyone with the respect they deserve. I should remember that those that love me love me for a reason. And never, ever make them question that or feel hurt because I did an unthinking thing.

Feelin' good in the neighborhood

Actually, I'm not in my neighborhood. I'm at the office. "HA!" you say, "You're a liar because you don't even have a job!" Well poo to you! Me mum called while I was working out (hehe 3 days in a row) and asked if I would come to the office for her. She fell 2 days ago and is too sore. (or depressed.) In reality, she's probably both.
I guess she is going to go for the franchise. That's ok. I had been worried about a couple of things - here's just a taste:
1) She doesn't always follow through. Is inconsistent and downright fibs when you call her on something that she's fallen short on.
2) I felt like my life was being decided for me. I'm going back to school. I'm doing what she wants. I bought a house because that's what she wanted.
3) Sierra Vista? Look it up. Shit hole in the middle of Nowhere, AZ.
4) Worse - I'll probably be stuck in Douglas. Mexican border, I don't speak Spanish and it is a totally low income, run down town. Actually, I haven't been there in a while, so perhaps I need to give it another try.
5) Even during off season, I'll have to have the place open 1 day a week. Humph - if there are 3, I'll have to be working in the southern part of the state for 3 days a week.
So here're my new (positive mantra) thoughts.
3 days a week working? That's 4 days off. That's not a bad life.
Spanish. I've always wanted to learn another language. And I've tried Spanish-took it in school. This time I'll have plenty of practice and a good motivator for sticking with it.
Sierra Vista isn't actually a shithole. It is quite nice and is growing. It just has NOOO nightlife. But during the season, I'll be too tired to go out and during off season, I can go into the city or travel up to Tucson with B for great friends and lovely nightlife.
Again, if I really hate it, I can sell the franchises- and it really isn't a bad life. Working 3 1/2 months a year (like a demon) but then only 1 or two days a week for the remainder. Piece of cake. If I can pay my bills, I've got a fab life in the making.
I haven't thought of a positive spin on number 1 yet. I just hope she follows through. She does really well during the season, so perhaps if I'm doing everything else - I'll have no worries.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Satisfied --- (for the moment)

I began my meal plan again. And I worked out. 2 days in a row. I'm exhausted. I need a life.

I got to eat all of the potatoes I wanted. They were good. Not as good as yesterday, when I got to eat all the potatoes I wanted (also) but still good.
For those of you worried about my nutrition - don't be. I also had broccolli and chicken boob and it was all good.
Roommate is at her boyfriends. Yes, she still has a boyfriend. Isn't that nice? Well, actually, it is. Good for her. I hope he is - good for her, that is.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gawd - dammit it's 2006

Ok. So here I am. And it is 2006. And I've spent the better part of the last hour looking for this damn blog because it's been soo long that i couldn't remember my stupid logon or my password, and I figured that they (the lovely blogspot people) had just deleted it after so much misuse. So I created another site. blah blah. and then it hit me.. how to do it and then it showed me my stupid logon.
I like the name of my other blog. i was really looking for something to show that I could find the courage and fortitude within myself to make these great changes that i really want to make in myself.
I like to show in this blog just how uncomfortable I am in my own skin. And it's true. I'm extremely uncomfortable.
I also learned - I believe that perhaps I was one of the first to use the ending -Ness. like, uncomfortable - ness. I'm hungry-ness. etc. (MY personal favorite: I have to Pee-ness. HA!) But every other mo fo out there now uses Uncomfortableness like it's a real word. It isn't.
Please ! to those of you out there. BUY a DICTIONARY. Or go to Thesaurus.com. Very simple.